Growing Up Martha

Growing Up martha

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Our sweet Stevie….

This morning, in the loving arms of his Gramma, our sweet, sweet Stevie was sent to Heaven.


In March of 2006 I randomly went to the Wisconsin Humane Society on my lunch break while working at Miller Park to visit the rescues. We did this often  to have a good excuse for a “long lunch.”…..After speaking several times with an employee at the Humane Society I convinced myself I was ready to get my own dog…….I didn’t even think twice that I worked 70 hours a week during baseball season and was never home…..I NEEDED A DOG! 

But…..I was quite picky about the dog I wanted. As I began communicating with the Humane Society worker she became WELL AWARE of what it was I wanted……at the time I can remember saying, I want a “cool dog, ya know, one that isn’t gonna be clingy,” (can you even believe they let me adopt after saying that?) …..I wanted someone with spunk, a personality that could handle hanging with different people when I was working (Thank you Bartz Family for that first Summer and Fall, I’ll never forget it!)……but most of all, I remember telling her that I had always known when I got my own dog and we met face to face, I would know if he was a “Steve.” My entire life I had wanted to name a dog Steve……..I just had. I don’t know why, I just did. 

And on Sunday March 26, 2006 I got the call, Steve had arrived!  A truck of pups from a Katrina Survivor Shelter (who had not been claimed) were brought to  Milwaukee and Steve was on it!

They named him Guy Noir on his initial paperwork, so naturally I was ready to get him the hell outta there…..just cuz he came from New Orleans meant he spoke French? Whatevz.   Anyways, after filling out endless paperwork to officially adopt Steve (whom I had not even seen in person yet!) was completed….I turned the corner……and there was STEVE. It was him. The dog who was supposed to be with me, and me with him.

 I will never forget when my friend Abbie who was with me saw him and  yelled…..”OMG Martha, he is TOTALLY  Steve, he has a COACH collar!” 


We were meant to be……that little seven pound furball survived a freaking hurricane for God’s sake, he could certainly deal with me during baseball season! ;)

What I never expected was the immediate impact he would have on not only MY life but my family’s life as well. The day I brought Steve home from the Humane Society was the day my sister moved to start a new chapter in her life…..a life that led her to her husband and son!  I recall the first time I brought Stevie home to my parent’s house, and although my Mom knew I had adopted Stevie ….my Dad did not. You can only imagine the look (and swear words out of his mouth) when he walked into the living room from golfing and said, “God dammit Martha, don’t even f*cking tell me you got a dog.”

Hahahahahahahha……yup Dad…..MEET STEVE!


Cut to a year later when I had to travel for work and didn’t want Stevie at the “doggie hotel” for a week. Being the kind and loving Mom that she is, Jane offered to take care of Stevie while I was gone…….

That week in Miami was the week my parents kidnapped my dog.  We joke about it ( by “we,” I mean me, but still…) I smartened up and realized that Stevie deserved to live in a bigger house with a large yard where people were retired and could actually spend time with him…..and as a bonus he would have Pat the Cat and Annabelle to party with. 


My parents fell in love with Steve.



Everyone fell in love with Steve.



Thank you sweet Stevie for making the Coultas family better. In every sense of the word, you brought a family together. You are gone, but never, EVER will you be forgotten.


RIP sweet boy. 



We love you forever.


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Changes are comin…..

Sometimes being an adult is tough. This past month has proven that to me. After months of back and forth, several hundred lists, and countless conversations with friends and family, I made the extremely difficult decision to move from Milwaukee to be closer to my family in Illinois.

This was a decision I spent hours upon hours debating in my head. I have lost full nights of sleep and cried many tears deciding what was right for me, but I know that I have made the right decision. I will get to watch little Charlie grow up and spend more time with my family. 

So, for all the well wishes I have received, please know I am extremely thankful. For all the people who have made snide remarks, stop. You never know the reason make the decisions they do, and rude comments and jokes are not appreciated…..even if you are attempting to be funny. It may sound trite, but this was without a shadow of a doubt, the most difficult decision I have ever made in my life. 

I look forward to my new endeavors and am excited to decorate a new house (of course I mean, my mom will decorate) and all of the other exciting things that my future holds, but a huge part of me will always belong to Wisconsin. It’s where I have spent over half of my life…….it will never leave me. Go Pack Go! 

Have a great weekend!!!